Business Speaker,

Leadership Facilitator

& Executive Coach 


Inspired by clients and driven by neuroscience,

I help teams to become stronger, smarter and better.

About Jim

Whether focusing on performance improvement, leadership development or building high performing teams, Jim provides tools and techniques for releasing potential and exceeding performance expectations. Having gained experience at various levels of the organizational ladder, Jim understands the wide variety of challenges his audiences face and continually focusses his attention to finding practical and achievable solutions to meet them. 

Following a ten-year career within a multinational where Jim was an award-winning salesman, team leader and a senior manager, he was subsequently involved in a business start-up, culminating in co-creating and managing an international performance consultancy as Director and Global Partner.

Jim draws from a wealth of business experience having spent more than two decades helping clients across Europe, the middle East and the US deliver on their performance and growth objectives. As a result, he has the ability to adapt and flex his approach in order to meet the specific client and audience needs.

Whether facilitating strategy sessions with senior leaders, developing managers to build high- performing teams or inspiring next generation candidates to step up to the next level, he brings to a conference a wide range of practical strategies that have helped his clients to be more resilient and, above all, deliver demonstrable results. Jim has addressed in excess of 3000 audiences worldwide enabling thousands of leaders to be more inspiring, motivating and engaging.

With increasing complexities presented by technological advancements and environmental changes, leaders and their teams are under continuous pressure to do more with less. The need for improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and the ability to inspire a resilient mindset has never been greater.

“Whilst facing the same market conditions, we know that motivated and innovative leaders breed motivated and innovative teams and can be the difference that makes the difference in outperforming competitors. Performing under pressure is a leadership talent that can be developed and one that can have a dramatic impact on the culture of an organisation”

Delegates will leave Jim's sessions with tools and strategies to help deliver critical results in the moments that matter, irrespective of the challenges and changes your organization might face. The blend of business models, neuroscience, performance psychology and accelerated learning principles, enables Jim to engage people to take the lessons learned back to the workplace, with a view to impacting tangible business results, long after the positive mood of the conference has passed.

Types of Workshops

Jim will tailor his content and delivery format to suit your needs:

  • Keynotes (1 hour to 3 hours)
  • MC & Conference Facilitation
  • Half & Full Day Programmes
  • Leadership Off-Sites


  • Unashamedly Superhuman (High Performance & Wellbeing)
  • High Performing Teams
  • Executive Presence & Personal Brand
  • Leading & Managing Change
  • Extraordinary Leader Developmental Programme