Jim Steele is a dynamic thought leader and catalyst for transformative change within organizationsworldwide. With a career spanning across Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia, Jim's expertise lies in engaging leaders and inspiring teams to elevate their mindsets and behaviours.

As a trusted keynote speaker, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to help delegates unlocktheir full potential and is a regular speaker at the prestigious London business school and works with the University of British Columbia developing digital learning programmes.

Drawing inspiration from neuroscientific research, Jim is on a perpetual quest for innovative solutions toaddress the dynamic challenges of today's fast-paced business landscape. His latest book, "Unashamedly Superhuman: Harness Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Greatest Professional and Personal Goals,"encapsulates his passion for combining high performance with well-being and unlocking optimal business results through a balanced approach to mental, physical and professional excellence. Through captivatingstorytelling and actionable insights, Jim provides a roadmap for reclaiming time, space, freedom, andfulfilment in our lives.

Jim's keynote sessions leave an indelible impact, providing delegates with practical tools and strategiescrucial for pivotal moments. Grounded in a fusion of business models, neuroscience, performancepsychology, and accelerated learning principles, Jim ensures that the insights gained transcend theconference setting, influencing tangible business results long after the event, empowering them to tap intotheir potential and achieve their professional goals.


Set your team up for success with these keynote speeches.

Holistic Performance
Be Better Be Smarter Be Stronger
‘A players’ are equipped to stay focused in a world of noise. They also challenge themselves to explore the edge of their capability and they know how to recover in a truly world class way.
This engaging, empowering and practical session, explores how integrating a growth mindset, with emotional intelligence and agility impacts both productivity and sustainability, unlocking high level functioning and optimal business results.

Holistic Team Performance
Be Better Be Smarter Be Stronger together
This insightful, dynamic and highly participative session explores the key elements that differentiate a team from just a group of talented individuals.
Discover how to build a collaborative culture that is purpose led, values driven and aligned around the organisations key business metrics for success.