In Unashamedly Superhuman: Harness Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Greatest Professional and Personal Goals, celebrated speaker, strategist, executive coach, and author Jim Steele delivers an incisive and eye-opening guide to unlocking the hidden wells of potential in each of us. Grounded in the latest neuroscience research and some of the best executive coaching techniques on the market today, the book shows you how to minimize distraction, eliminate unnecessary uncertainty and indecision, and reveal what you’re truly capable of.


Unashamedly Superhuman is for anyone interested in reversing the impact of the countless distractions and endless uncertainties that characterize modern life. In this book, you’ll find the latest, cutting-edge research that maximizes your professional performance and personal potential in order to reclaim time, space, freedom, and fulfilment in your own life. 


Unashamedly Superhuman is made up of three sections:


'BETTER – Tapping into Potential'

Here, we’re going to crack the code for how to gain access to some remarkable resources that will enable us to adapt to our surroundings and develop our ability to respond to challenges and opportunities with agility. We’ll tap into a pragmatic science based, step by step process for developing a growth mindset and unlocking human potential.


'SMARTER – Tapping into Mindset'

Here we look at how to structure our thinking in order to increase confidence and mental focus. We’ll tap into the zone and access that super productive state of mind where we both feel and perform at our best. We’ll work through a process for setting a specific hierarchy of goals, aligning our overall direction of travel, our mission critical, right down to the daily focus goals that turn our vision into a reality. We’ll also uncover a series of performance hacks that will create increased levels of drive, concentration, and intrinsic motivation.


'STRONGER – Tapping into Physiology' 

Here we get underneath our extraordinary physical capabilities and discover what it takes to build successful habits that ensure we can push ourselves to the edge of our abilities whilst at the same time recover in a truly world class way. We’ll tap into tools and techniques that ensure we can re-set, de-compress, and restore our energy levels in preparation for extended bouts of exertion, mental and physical.


"Unashamedly Superhuman is the can’t-miss guide to peak performance you’ve been waiting for."

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What people are saying about the book...


Ollie Phillips

Former England Captain and World Rugby 7s Player of The Year

Whether your focus is on driving business performance, team improvement or personal success, the principles, ideas and techniques that Jim explores in Unashamedly Superhuman will not only prepare you for your future adventures, they will also determine and drive your performance and results.

Stacey Winters

Corporate and Public Sector Leader, Deloitte LLP

Combining real life stories, a great sense of humour and easy to remember life hacks, Jim takes you on a journey of discovery and self-transformation, and by the end of it your way of thinking will have changed for ever, unleashing the superhuman in you.

Ben Hunt-Davis

Performance Expert and Former British Competition Rower and Olympic Champion

This is a high achievers guide to success and fulfilment. Easy life hacks to tap into your full potential and be the very best you can be. 

Phil Jones

Managing Director, Brother UK Ltd

Peak performance isn’t about a single silver bullet, it’s about the implementation of an entire new system of behaviour and thinking.  In this book, Jim explains how you can establish your own winning system for personal success. A must read.


John Dore

Director, Senior Executive Programme
London Business School

Anyone who has seen Jim speak at a business or leadership event, will know his distinctive presentation style and great energy. In this new book, Unashamedly Superhuman, he does something a little different. In boldly talking about an extraordinary physical endeavour, he also shares real candour and humility. As the story unfolds, he unpacks a modern toolkit of the smart behavioural thinking (neuroscience, growth mindset, activating seeking systems) while advocating some radical new habits. The voice off the page throughout is still distinctly one that has filled conference halls around the world, encouraging us to climb, then leaving us teetering on the top-board, fearful of the drop! He summarises his Superhuman process memorably – better, smarter, stronger, as a template for us all to apply. The intriguing question he leaves us with is, even equipped with the powerful tools and methods described here… will we?

Jim's clients include...


What people say about Jim...


Senior Partner,


“Jim, you completely changed the mindset of each and every person at our conference, instilling confidence and positivity in our 250 attendees. Your engaging, honest and inspiring stories bring to life your sessions and you facilitate with humility, gravitas and humour. I have never seen a group of that size remain totally engaged for the entire day. Better, I had many emails from people afterwards thanking me for the session, suggesting you had changed their outlook on life and their ideas about their future careers. You made an impact that matters to our team and we’ve never looked back since then. The energy and motivation in the office is noticeable and envied by others. Thank you for helping us believe that together we can do something remarkable.” 

Global Head of Sales, Third Bridge

“I had already worked with Jim on a couple of occasions in a previous role, so I knew he was the right speaker to help us energise and motivate our teams after a deep transformation project. His Unashamedly SuperHuman session was one of the most highly-charged events I have ever seen at a sales conference, or any corporate event for that matter. For four hours he held our team spellbound. I won’t give away the finale to the session, but it had everyone jumping to their feet and the reaction was huge! The ideas we discussed that day about high performance, mindset and belief now resonate deep within our team vocabulary.” 


DNVGL Energy

“Initially we booked Jim to deliver a keynote presentation regarding his expertise on peak performance, mindset and motivation. However, in preparation for the event, we were caught by Jim’s energy, creativity and ideas. In the search for a host capable of raising the energy levels high among the audience and being able to be the glue between the diverse presentations and activities, it was evident Jim was perfect for the job. Participants explicitly complimented Jim on his ability to keep the audience engaged, the energy levels high and in the meanwhile being able to share his profound knowledge and expertise on business performance. Jim brings in exercises in a timely and effortless manner with the right dose of humour and cutting- edge content”. 

Senior Manager,

Compass Group

“I can always count on Jim to be the highlight of my annual, four-day leadership development conference. I’ve hired Jim for four conferences in a row and he is always the highest rated presenter in a talented field. My leaders really connect with Jim’s message – brain science, peak performance, inspirational leadership and even a little magic! He is a consummate professional and a real showman.”