Ever looked at a high performer and wondered what is it about them that makes them the very best? Whether from the world of business, professional sport or from within our own communities, what specific strategies enable these people to consistently deliver truly world class results?


Codebreaker, is the result of more than 25 years of research and experience into unraveling the strategies that lie behind personal and professional success. 


  • Thank you for the sessions you presented at our Senior Leadership Conference. The energy you bought into the room, along with the insights and challenges to our thinking were an excellent complement and addition to the day’s sessions. We very much enjoyed our time with you and took away a lot from it.
    — Rio Tinto
  • Thank you so much for your contribution to our meeting last week. Your session was very well received and the ‘Win or Learn’ concept came back again and again during the rest of the week. I found myself waking up thinking of a Bee and a Leaf reminding me of the Belief in the Vision so important for successful leadership.
    — Director, Gilead Sciences
  • The event was an enormous success and it was Jim’s session that the delegates remember most readily. They are still talking about the philosophies that he presented. He has had such a positive impact on our teams and we look forward to them delivering extraordinary results.
    — Director, GlaxoSmithKline
  • As a speaker, you were not only entertaining and motivating, but you also posses the ability to completely captivate your audience. Each of your strategies I can only hope to convey to my team with the same emotion and passion.
    — Vice President, Disney Retail