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‘I’ve taught this technique to help people to adapt to high stakes situations. Repeated daily, it improves focus, composure and re-conditions the ability to perform under pressure.’

 Rich Deviney; Special Forces Senior Instructor, Author ‘Unbeatable Mind’


What others say about the 'How To Turbo Charge Your Energy... in 5 Minutes' Session...


"This has become part of my morning routine - never looking back!'


"Wow. I really felt the benefits, instantly. Pleasantly surprised!"



'I can't believe the difference just one session made to my energy levels and overall sense of calm."


"Following this session, I started my Zoom presentation feeling more focused, energised and confident!"

What will this 5 Minute Session Do?

  • Boosts energy levels, improves physical endurance and mental clarity.

  • Generates a focused and alert state of mind.

  • Re-sets the nervous system, reducing feeling of stress and anxiety.


How Does It Work?

  • Deliberately creates a heightened state of awareness.

  • Tricks the brain into releasing adrenaline (fight or flight response).

  • Endorphins are released, because there is no 'actual' threat.


Takes minutes and lasts for hours! 

About Jim Steele

Jim combines elements of executive coaching with scientific research and cutting-edge delivery to produce powerful solutions for anyone interested in reversing the impact of distraction and uncertainty.

Whether focusing on performance improvement, leadership development or building high performing teams, Jim provides tools and techniques for releasing potential and exceeding performance expectations

With increasing complexities presented by technological advancements and environmental changes, such as Covid-19, leaders and their teams are under continuous pressure to do more with less. The need for improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and the ability to inspire a resilient mindset has never been greater.

This simple, but powerful 'How To Turbo Charge Your Energy... in 5 Minutes' session, has been a complete game-changer for both Jim and his clients in recent months. 

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