Jim Steele is an internationally respected speaker and business adviser who has inspired people within some of the world’s leading companies to perform at their highest level and maintain their resilience no matter what challenges come their way.

Spanning a 25 year career, Jim has continued his quest to discover the differences between good and world-class performance. He has obsessively focused on those at the top of their game, whether from the corporate sector or the highly competitive world of professional sport, understanding what sets them apart from the rest, modelling performance excellence and distilling it into actionable strategies.

Jim is now the master of delivering his unique take on peak performance and the formula for success to audiences all over the world in a way that is both deeply inspiring and entertaining. His boundless energy, razor-sharp insight, down-to-earth disposition and brilliant use of humour make him, without doubt, one of the most memorable speakers on the business world-stage today.

His infectious and transformational approach has enabled Jim to address over a million people globally. Jim has taught cutting-edge performance strategies and how to achieve better results by creating a stronger, more resilient team.