Jim Steele: Codebreaker

These questions inspired Jim to embark on his journey, in 1988, to challenge current thinking and performance methodology. His breakthroughs and delivery style have seen him become a world-class and highly respected speaker and adviser on peak performance for some of the world’s most successful companies, teams and individual contributors. 

He was convinced that ‘success’ in its broadest sense was a system of beliefs and actions which, when deciphered, could be applied to any person and situation irrespective of their role, level or sector. That each one of us can achieve extraordinary results if we have the ‘code’. 

Jim’s smart and tenacious approach saw him not only crack this universal code to success, but prove that the application of it works unequivocally over and over again.

In his engaging and high-impact session, Codebreaker, Jim will share over 25 years worth of research and experience into the real formula behind business and personal success. Through humorous, real and practical examples he shows how talent, intellect and good fortune don’t necessarily guarantee success, and how each of us can reach our full potential if we understand and apply ‘the code’.

Delegates will leave feeling inspired, empowered and excited to try out the very tangible strategies that they have tested and learned during the session.