'Inspired By Clients, Driven By Neuroscience'


About The Programme

When Jim started his career in peak performance and leadership development in the 1990’s, hard work and long hours were the pre-requisite for success. This ‘work til burn-out’ attitude has been proven to be detrimental to both individuals and organisations and a wholly outdated approach. Now with the challenges of home-working and the rapid change in uncertainty, we are now under increased pressure to deliver more with less.

When challenged by a client to create a programme combining high performance and long-term wellbeing, Jim embarked on a quest to develop strategies to improve the response to external stresses and instead find ways to use challenging and demanding circumstances to create new opportunities. What he uncovered was a series of inbuilt resources we all possess that provide us with almost ‘superhuman’ qualities to enable us to run to the edge of our capacity and recover in a world class way.

In his programme Jim shares his findings with easy to adopt habits, combining elements of executive coaching with ground-breaking scientific research to adapt to daily pressure with ease and become ‘Unashamedly Superhuman’.

Why 'Unashamedly Superhuman'?

Within us all is a huge pool of untapped potential. We can discover this when we learn how to manage our instinctive response to the challenges and pressures we face, especially now.

The need for improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and the ability to inspire a resilient mindset has never been greater. We were never designed to run in stress mode, and in a seemingly constant state of fight or flight. So, in those situations where we have little control over the sources of pressure, our only option is to influence the way in which we respond.

By recognising the connection between our psychology (how we think) and our hormonal system (how we feel) we can hack into our ‘default mechanism’ and regulate the responses to the demands of this current situation.

What are the objectives?

  • How to maintain a positive mindset promoting resourcefulness and productivity in a challenging and changing business environment

  • Unlock the code to tap into your natural resources and become even more resilient

  • Develop the agility to shifting from a fixed to a growth mindset

  • Develop techniques to help adapt to pressure and stress rather than enduring it

  • Appreciate the crucial importance of how mindset impacts performance and results

  • Gain an instant increase in confidence and mental focus

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